New Bounds

About this Outfit

It was a beautiful day when they awoke, the sun and sky granting them a parting gift. Busting from their room, they danced down into the kitchen to greet their mother whom had long awoken to prepare meals for the day. Today was a special day, after all. "Don't forget to stop by the tavern, they've stocked some more preparations for the two of you." "Gah, I know! That's where we're meeting in the first place, can I go now?" "Don't be so hasty! This is an important journey for you, don't take it lightly. Listen to what Lyra tells you!" They smiled and held their mother in a tight, warm embrace. "G-go get your things! We'll see you again at the town gates before you leave, anyway." As they began to leave, and step through the front door, backpack in hand they felt arms wrap around them once again. "One more hug couldn't hurt." Alta Anniversary Exclusive.

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